The Data Protection Bill 2017

In our recent blog post, Developments in Data Protection, we considered the implications on the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). The Government has now announced that it is to bring forward draft legislation this September in the form of a Data Protection Bill to give effect to the GDPR.

Of particular interest to social media users will be the development of ‘the right to be forgotten’ requiring companies to delete more sensitive personal data upon request or face significant financial penalties.  In addition, there is a move towards ‘express consent’ requiring companies to establish the express permission of users opting in before their personal data is processed, rather than relying upon small print or an opt out.  

Additional proposals include:

  • The inclusion of IP addresses, cookies and DNA within ‘personal data’
  • Parental consent for the use of a child’s personal data
  • Streamlined procedures for data subjects to request their data
  • Criminal sanctions to deter organisations from intentionally or recklessly creating situations whereby and individual might be identified from otherwise anonymous data

We will be following the progress of the Data Protection Bill with interest. 

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