‘Is it because…?’

Case note: Conway v. Parfums Christian Dior (UK) Limited and Boots UK Limited 04148/17IT

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It is all about timing…

Pat the Baker v. Brennan – ILCR Ref: TUD1813 (30 July 2018)

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What’s in a name?

Case Note: Martinez t/a PRICK and Henry Hate Studio & Prick Tattoo Parlour London Limited v. Prick Me Baby One More Time Limited t/a PRICK and Leon [2018] EWHC 776 (IPEC)

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‘You might dismantle the plane!’

‘Did you hear the one about the quadriplegic who…’

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‘Have a break...’

Case Note: Nestlé SA v. Mondelēz UK Holdings & Services Ltd. (25 July 2018)

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