Is 'trick or treating' lawful?

The scourge of the American cultural invasion will manifest itself on our doorsteps once more this mid-term break.  Gone are the days of hollowing out a raw turnip and singing of engorged poultry in consideration of a mandarin orange.

A more sinister development is the implied threat in the statement ‘trick or treat’, which may well constitute a criminal offence. Further, the absence of ‘consideration’ may bring an individual within the auspices of begging contrary to the Vagrancy Act 1924.

You may, therefore, wish to attach a notice to your gate advising uninvited visitors of the provisions of the 1824 Act and suggesting they either desist or ply their menaces elsewhere.

On the other hand, you may simply want to stock up on goodies for any of the little vagrants that might come a calling! 

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The Vagrancy Act 1824

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